Products Introduction


Composite Air Bubble Bag

The material of this bag is divided into two layers, the outer layer can be made of aluminum foil, pearl film, anti-static film, etc., and the inner layer can be made of LDPE air bubble film. The inner layer provides cushioning, anti-vibration and anti-crush function to the product. The outer layer of material can enhance the protection of the inner layer in the transportation process. It is waterproof and moisture-proof. This bag is generally used for couriering documents, easily scratched objects, fragile objects, etc. The material of this bag can be printed in multiple colors, and can be customized according to the customer's products with thicker inner layer of air bubble material, and can also be used with different colors of Ziplock, Ziplock with slider, destructive adhesive tape hard handle, etc, to lock the items in order to enhance the protection effect.